Membership of ALMA

Why Join ?

ALMA is a respected, strong and united voice for our members on issues that affect their businesses in the saleyard and lairage industry. The more members ALMA represents, the stronger and louder the voice of industry becomes.

As a member of ALMA you have a direct say in the future of your industry and direct access to your organisation.

On behalf of members, ALMA has a seat at many tables. ALMA participation ensures the broader industry understands the issues and that the needs of saleyards/lairages are taken into consideration in policy development.

Benefits of Membership

ALMA members:
• Receive government and industry representation on issues affecting the industry
• Are kept up to date with policies and decisions that may affect their businesses
• Have the ability to provide feedback and have input into policies and decisions that affect their businesses
• Access to and copies of the Australian Model Code of Practice for Livestock Saleyards and Lairages
• Access to industry developed and implemented training opportunities
• Receive a regular e-newsletter
• Promotion on the ALMA website of their saleyard facility
• Inclusion of member sales in the saleyard industry online calendar
• Obtain discount registrations at the National Saleyards Expo
• Have the ability to enter into ALMA supported competitions/awards eg Excellence in Animal Welfare in Saleyards Award
• Entitled to free Australian Saleyard Managers' Association (ASMA) membership
• Entitled to advertise in ACM  AusSaleyard Expo feature reports
• Have the ability to vote at the ALMA AGM
• Support the sole national representative body that advocates on behalf of their industry

There are 3 types of memberships: ordinary, corporate and associate. To apply or find out which membership category best suits your situation please contact us

ALMA sits on the following:
• Farm Trespass Forum
• LSRI - Livestock Services Research and Innovations Inc
• NLIS National Cattle Committee
• NLIS National Pig Committee

• NLIS National Sheep and Goat Committee
• NLIS NSW Cattle - Industry Advisory Committee
• NLIS NSW Sheep and Goat - Industry Advisory Committee
• QTAG - Queensland NLIS Advisory Committee
• Queensland Cattle Tick Committee
• Safemeat Executive
• Safemeat Partners
• Saleyards National Animal Welfare Standards Reference Group
• Stock and Rural Crime Investigation Squad Liaison Group - QLD

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